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About Dr. Lindsay Best

                          Dr. Lindsay Best

Dr. Lindsay Best started her chiropractic journey after someone decided to run a stop sign and crash into her car leaving her with severe whiplash. Going to a chiropractor was a decision that she didn’t take lightly as she was skeptical about getting “cracked”. Much to her surprise after being adjusted she felt immediate relief and continued to get relief and better range of movement with each adjustment. After some time of consistent care Lindsay started to notice that her migraine headaches were not as frequent and her chronic heartburn was easing. When these symptoms started to diminish she began asking questions and was then educated about the connection between the spine and the nervous system. She discovered how important this connection is for controlling every tissue, cell and organ in the body.

Intrigued by this new knowledge Lindsay’s next stop was New Zealand College of Chiropractic, as she had a lot more questions that needed answering. Her time at college was eye opening. She learnt several techniques to help adjust the spine and practiced them. These techniques included ones that are very gentle and ones that involve more hands on adjusting. Topics of paediatric, pregnancy and elderly care were also covered. After college Lindsay continued and continues to learn more about nutrition, paediatric neuroscience, functional movement and posture.

Spending time with her two well-adjusted children and husband is her favourite thing to do, other interests include golf, yoga, and cooking.

Dr. Lindsay is passionate about getting people to their healthiest self and keeping them there, she does this through designing programs that are personally tailored to assist anyone with a spine and nervous system. The programs can include recommendations for adjustments, nutritional support and functional movements.


Dr. Ingrid’s motto is leave things better than she found them and that is exactly what she does in practice. Ingrid’s magic hands certainly have lots of experience helping people from all walks of life get well and stay well.

Mangawhai Chiropractic is happy to welcome our newest members and Massage Therapist’s


About Ellie Hamilton-Hunter

                Ellie Hamilton-Hunter

Ellie Hamilton-Hunter  has been studying at the New Zealand School of Massage since July 2016, where her training is thorough and rigorous. She has completed a Certificate in Relaxation Massage and in December 2017 graduated with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.  Ellie now intends to continue to study advanced Remedial Massage.

During her time studying she actively sort clients, accrued many practical hours at the college clinic and provided services at many events. Some events such as Tag Tournaments, 2017 World Masters Games and the 2017 Samoan World cup rugby league team.

Ellie is looking forward to becoming part of the Trinity team as she enjoy her work immensely at all levels, whether it is providing relaxation to relieve stress or help someone with a specific muscular issue.


About Waka


Wakako Abe-Adams has been practicing Relaxation massage, deep tissue and reflexology since 2010
She graduated with a certificate in relaxation massage 2010, the following year completed a certificate of Achievement in Reflexology. 

Massage and reflexology is her passion she gets great satisfaction of working with people to getting them healthier, refreshed and more in tune with their bodies.

Our Focus

  • Brain and Spinal Health
  • Functional Neurology - Can your body do what you want it to do?
  • Pregnancy and Paediatrics - Prepare your body to deliver your baby and give your Baby the ultimate opportunity to thrive!
  • Family -including Pets & Grandparents
  • Balance, Strength, & Energy

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We are available during off hours and holidays for an additional fee.

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